PRO goes gravel with bars, saddles, stems and more

In a close tie-in with brand-cousins Shimano, PRO launches a raft of gravel-specific parts

The team at PRO has worked closely with Shimano to design a range of gravel-specific components that complement the latest GRX group. The range includes bars, stems, seatposts and a short-nose saddle.

PRO Discover bar and stem

First up is the new Discover bar and stem.

The Discover bar’s design has a transition from top to drop shape that fits in with the new GRX hood design and matches up with the new Shimano RX812 sub-brake lever. It is available in both carbon and aluminium options.

PRO Discover carbon gravel bar
The PRO Discover carbon bar offers a 20-degree flare, 5-degree backsweep and 230g weight.
Pro components

The bar has a 20-degree flare with a 75mm reach and 110mm drop, and is available in widths of 40, 42 and 44cm with a 5-degree back sweep.

The carbon version should appeal to weight weenies out there with a claimed weight of just 230g (42cm).

I’ve been trying out the alloy version and can attest to the shape being pretty much spot-on. The extra width afforded by the flare makes for a comfortable hold and the lever-integration is neatly achieved with no awkward step or transition between hood and bar.

To complement the bar, the Discover stem has matching graphics and comes in lengths from 70mm to 110mm with a 6-degree angle.

PRO Discover DSP dropper post and Discover carbon seatpost

Next up are two new seatposts and an off-road take on PRO’s popular Stealth saddle.

The Discover DSP dropper post comes in a 350mm length with a zero-offset, 27.2mm diameter and 70mm drop, and can be used with Shimano’s dropper-specific left-hand STI unit (the ST-RX810-LA) for a super-clean look (or you can opt for the DSP Remote).

This is one of the smartest drop-bar dropper solutions we’ve seen, with the remote designed to be operated from the hoods or the drops with its neat two-lever solution.

We’ve had a quick try of the levers, and being able to pull on the lever with a single finger from the hoods or push on the lever with your thumb from the drops feels natural almost from the first time you use it.

PRO claims 417g for the dropper.

PRO Discover carbon seatpost
The PRO Discover carbon seatpost is claimed to be strong, light and comfortable thanks to the use of Dyneema.
Pro components

The second post is a first for PRO, with construction that combines Dyneema (a fibre that claims to be the “world’s strongest”) with regular carbon.

The post is designed to offer some flex for comfort while still being lightweight, and at a claimed 216g for the 27.2mm model (with 20mm setback) it looks promising. The Dyneema post will also be available in a 31.6mm diameter.

PRO Stealth Dirt saddle

PRO Steath gravel saddle
The new Stealth off-road saddle is based on the road-going Stealth race saddle.
Pro components

The Pro Stealth saddle with its short dimensions is a favourite among racers, including Team Sunweb, and was joined by a super-light version earlier this year. Now there’s a gravel-specific version of the short design.

It looks similar to the Stealth but has a deep channel for pressure relief without actual holes, which will help keep posteriors drier in less than ideal conditions.

It’s built with a carbon-injection moulded base and PRO’s C.Tec rail fixings (the rails are suspended in an elastomer ‘socket’ to offer improved shock absorption).


The seating area has been widened (in both 142mm and 152mm options) and the saddle is topped with light EVA padding. It is claimed to tip the scales at just 159g, which is respectably light for a saddle with some useful-looking comfort features built-in.