Pro team kit — hot or not?

Naff look or a loving show of support for your team?

We roadies are a strange bunch. We squeeze ourselves into our ignominious Lycra, telling ourselves we look good with carefully curated socks (#sockdoping) and a keen awareness of the ‘aesthetic’ we’re going for.


But there’s one thing we should all agree on (and I already know we won’t). In my book, team kits are a cycling fashion faux-pas, that should be discouraged at all costs.

Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, you can wear whatever you want, and the more ridiculous the better, but there’s something about team kits that rubs me the wrong way.

You may think you look this good, but you probably don’t

Membership to team jerseys, should be earned and not bought. Unless you’re a pro where sponsorship is de-rigueur, or a member of a team or club where you can be proud to fly your colours, then you should try and rein in your basest instincts.

Some might say you’re showing support for your chosen team, but I don’t want to be a walking advertisement for companies I owe nothing too. It’s already bad enough that most cycling kit is heavily branded.  Give me a plain jersey and shorts any day of the week.

You can either go for svelte and and stylish…
Colin Levitch / Immediate Media

I can’t help but feel that team kit is akin to the modified Vauxhall Corsa owned by your local wannabe racer. It makes the noises and has the looks of something sporty, but its modest engine is unlikely to propel it to racing speeds.

That said, I’ll admit to a guilty penchant for retro jerseys, but it’s essential that the team is obsolete or obscure and the jersey should preferably be made from as scratchy a wool as possible.

…or a wonderfully garish avocado and cat themed matching kit…
Laser Cats and Such

Cycling wear should either be as tasteful as possible, or as garish as possible, and team kits fall in a no-man’s land that, in my eyes, is not acceptable anywhere.

Of course style is a very relative thing when we’re talking about Lycra, but I’m afraid you’ll never see me sporting a Team Sky jersey.

Team Sky kit remains a popular choice for a surprising number of recreational riders
Team Sky

I’m happy with my (totally non-ridiculous) bright pink socks and watercolour jersey thank you very much…


So, tell us what you think. Team kit: fashion faux-pas or not?

What do you think of pro team kit worn by non-professionals?