PRO’s new Vibe Superlight road cockpit range gets even lighter 

A new handlebar, stem, computer mount, expander plug and clip-on aero bars announced

Pack shot of PRO Vibe Superlight range against a white background

PRO has announced its new Vibe Superlight road cockpit range, which has undergone a weight-shaving exercise.

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The handlebar is claimed to drop 75g from the previous incarnation, which was introduced in 2019.

The Shimano-owned brand says the new model sees not just an evolution in weight saving, but also performance.

The brand has also announced a set of carbon clip-on aero bars, as well as a lightweight expander plug and computer mount to complete the range.

Availability is to be confirmed, as is Australian pricing.

PRO Vibe Superlight handlebar

The Vibe Superlight handlebar should appeal to weight-weenies.

At a claimed 154g for the 38cm-width model, PRO says the Vibe Superlight is the lightest road bike handlebar it has ever manufactured.

The brand says the handlebar’s strength and reliability has also been improved despite the weight saving, thanks to the use of ‘Innegra’ fibres within the unidirectional T1100 carbon layup.

The handlebar uses Innegra fibres in its construction.

Innegra is a high-modulus polypropylene fibre that’s more impact-resistant, and is used by some bike brands – such as Allied Cycle Works and Orro – in their frames.

Carbon handlebars can often fracture at the shifter and stem clamping areas when over-torqued and PRO added it’s “been reinforcing handlebars with composites, like Innegra, in the PRO Vibe Carbon and PRO Vibe Aero product lines since 2016. Carbon is already lightweight and stiff; using Innegra on strategic locations adds reliability in the case of an incident”.

The handlebar features internal cable routing.

PRO also says the oversized rounded tops provide “a comfortable and ergonomic hand position”, which should come in handy when riding up climbs in a more relaxed pose.

Mirroring the outgoing model, the reach and drop dimensions measure 80mm and 130mm respectively.

The reach and drop measurements are in line with other manufacturers.

Naturally, the handlebar is fully compatible with Shimano Di2 internal cable routing, while it’s available in three widths: 38, 40 and 42cm.

The PRO Vibe Superlight handlebar will retail for £379.99 / €419.95 / $449.99.

PRO Vibe Superlight stem

The Vibe Superlight stem is made from alloy rather than carbon.

Optimised to be used in conjunction with the Vibe Superlight handlebar, the Vibe Superlight stem is constructed from 7075 alloy rather than carbon fibre.

We asked PRO why it chose this material and it replied “aluminium offered us the greatest range of possibilities in the design process, to conform to our PRO testing standards and not having a rider weight limit”, regarding it as “the lightest, and stiffest connection (in relation to weight) to the bar possible, and also provides the option for internal- (or semi-internal) cable routing” . 

The shortest 70mm-length variant is said to weigh just 92g.

The stem can accept cables or hoses internally when used with the Vibe Superlight handlebar on compatible frames.

PRO says the stem is lightweight, stiff and compatible with handlebars that have a 31.8mm clamping diameter. The stem allows for seamless internal cable routing when used with the Superlight handlebar and on compatible frames, according to the brand.

The stem features +/- 6 degrees of rise.

The stem is available in 70 to 120mm lengths in 10mm increments, and features a +/- 6-degree angle. It’s compatible with both 1-1/8in and 1-1/4in steerer tubes.

The PRO Vibe Superlight Stem will retail for £159.99 / €159.95 / $174.99

PRO Gap Cap Expander Plug

An expander plug may seem a risky place to shave weight.

The new weight-weenie expander plug PRO Gap Cap Expander carbon weighs 24g, saving 16g over the previous lightest expander.

Like the Vibe Superlight stem, it’s compatible with 1-1/8in and 1-1/4in steerers, and includes a carbon top cap.

The expander plug will set you back £29.99 / €34.95 / $34.99.

PRO Vibe computer mount

The computer mount can work with Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton computers.

Completing the lightweight cockpit range is the PRO Vibe computer mount, constructed from 6061 alloy.

PRO says the mount has been designed to fit both the new Superlight cockpit and existing Vibe carbon stems.

The mount is compatible with Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton bike computers, with adaptors for all brands set to be included in the box.

You can adjust the computer’s tilt to suit your needs.

PRO adds the computer mount features a hinge that offers +/- 20 degrees of adjustability. The mount also features two fore and aft positions, set 11mm apart.

The computer mount will cost £59.99 / €54.95 / $179.99.

PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On aero bars

The Clip-On aero bar rounds out the collection.

In addition to the lightweight road-going cockpit equipment, PRO claims its new Clip-On aero bars are designed specifically for ultra-endurance cyclists and short-distance triathletes, and weigh just 135g.

According to the brand, the hand position the aero bar enables will bring an aerodynamic gain, while better maintaining comfort and control over the bike.

You can mount a computer or accessories to the aero bar.

The clip-on aero bars also incorporate a computer mount.

PRO says the aero bars are secure enough to enhance control and comfort during gravel riding or racing, but are not designed for use on technical off-road terrain or descents.

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The aero bars will retail for £149.99 / €159.95 / $179.99.