Procycling Hot Laps: Alex Dowsett scorches around Brands Hatch

Trek-Livestrong rider averages nearly 52km/h

Alex Dowsett (Trek-Livestrong) tuned up for next week’s U23 European championships by winning the Procycling Hot Laps at BikeRadar Live.


Dowsett clocked a blistering 2’12 for the 1.2 mile (1.9km) lap of the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit, an average speed of 32.2mph (51.8km/h). The time was even more impressive given the extremely windy conditions and hilly nature of the circuit.

“I took it seriously for sure,” Dowsett told BikeRadar after accepting his massive trophy. “Time trialling is my thing.”

Dowsett made three attempts at setting a hot lap, but said his third and likely fastest attempt was thwarted. “I went for a third lap and hit 82km/h on the descent but then punctured around the back.”

Dowsett, who beat Lance Armstrong in the Tour of the Gila time trial in April, has been on the comeback trail after breaking his shoulder in the Olympia’s Tour in Holland on 20 May. His next goal is the European Championships this weekend.

“I was eleventh in the time trial last year,” he said. “This year there’s a German and a Portuguese who beat me at the U23 world’s last year, but I think I’m better than I was then.”

Dowsett has been racing with the U23 Trek-Livestrong development team this year, and has loved every minute of it. “It’s awesome, really good. There’s fantastic team spirit. There’s pressure to move up [to the Radioshack ProTour team] at the end of the year, but the team understands that we can’t be going well all the time.”

Dowsett wasn’t actually the fastest cyclist round the track on the weekend. That honour went to Steven Slade of the British Human Powered Vehicle Club. Slade clocked an amazing 1’59 for the lap in ‘Beano’ his fully faired recumbent, a testament to how fast you can actually go on a two wheeled machine provided you’re allowed to use any type of aerodynamic aid.

Lee Wakefield was also very brisk, clocking 2’12 in ‘Beany’ (very similar to Beano), while bicycle and HPV design legend Mike Burrows managed 2’30 in his own ‘Ratracer Cadillac’ machine.

Steve slade in ‘beany’: steve slade in ‘beany’
Oli Woodman/

Steve Slade in ‘Beany’

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Position Race# Name Gender Time
1 641 Alex Dowsett M 02:12
2 642 Jerone Walters M 02:18
3 633 Jeff Jones M 02:27
4 519 Xavier Disley M 02:27
5 517 A Wise M 02:32
7 542 Rider Number 542 M 02:37
8 622 Mark Brown M 02:40
9 643 Robin Wilmott M 02:43
11 521 Will Bamber M 02:46
13 625 Chris Hollis M 02:52
14 523 Alistair Gain M 03:01
15 515 K Harding M 03:05
16 605 C Masdin M 03:07
17 639 S Codman M 03:09
18 602 GB Eisenhauer M 03:12
19 514 SD Minter M 03:12
20 640 Neil Pedoe M 03:20
21 611 G C Sher M 03:23
22 635 N Reed M 03:24
23 551 Jess Waterfall F 03:29
25 612 P Domjan M 03:37
26 634 P Botd-Vesue M 03:38
27 637 P Jenner M 03:42
28 627 Tim Holroyd M 03:46
29 503 Mark Beattie M 03:53
30 628 I Perkins M 03:54
31 636 Von Rauffmen M 03:56
32 504 A Mann M 03:57
33 618 R Hill M 04:00
34 509 T Brown M 04:06
35 638 Mr Jenner M 04:08
36 522 Liam Riley M 04:36
37 501 K Wise M 04:42
38 527 N Corderoy M 05:14
39 526 C Simons M 06:01
Human powered vehicles
1 525 Steve Slade M 01:59
2 629 Lee Wakefield M 02:12
3 600 Mike Burrows M 02:30