Product launch: Hydration packs and head torch

New AAA head torch and dishwasher friendly hydration bladder

There’s a new dishwasher safe hyrdation reservoir on the market thanks to Gerber Legendary Blades, while Princeton Tec have launched their new, lightweight, three LED Fuel headlamp.


Gerber Legendary Blades has released two innovative new hydration packs into the UK. Built with lightweight, water resistant fabrics, the Tillen XC and Serra XC are fitted with the new liquifusion™ reservoir, which is cleanable in any dishwasher. It also has a semi-rigid construction that allows it to conform to the user’s back, creating a lightweight internal ‘frame’ that prevents the rest of the contents of the pack from shifting as the liquid is consumed.

The large open neck allows the circulation of air within the reservoir, helping keep it free from biological contamination.

The Tillen XC pack comes with a 2-litre reservoir and is priced at £59.95. The Serra XC pack has a 3-litre reservoir and is priced at £69.95. Both come with a waterproof rain flap, bungee straps for external storage and a MP3 / mobile phone holder.

A perforated foam pack panel and contoured breathable straps contribute to its lightweight design and improved airflow. Designed to take both hot and cold drinks, the material used in the Liquifusion reservoirs additionally guarantees zero taste retention. Bite valves and an integral lockout system ensure that there are no leaks or drips, and replacement valves and tubes are readily available.

The liquifusion reservoirs can also be purchased separately at £21.50 for the 2-litre version and £22.95 for the 3-litre model, and are easily fitted in most other makes and style of backpack.

These new hydration reservoirs are said to represent a major advance over conventional bladders in convenience, comfort and hygiene.

Princeton Tec’s new three LED Fuel headlamp

The only self-contained headlamp to use an asymmetrical single arm bracket, the Fuel rotates about its centre of gravity on a secure ratchet located on the body’s left side. This leaves the right side of the unit’s body for the battery door. The Fuels’ three AAA batteries are housed in triangular layout, something which according to the manufacturer creates a tougher and more secure housing for the unit’s electronics.

Three Nichia LEDs cast a 16 lumen beam on the light’s highest setting, and the 78g unit sits on an easily adjusted headband. The single button control turns the light on and off and changes the beam between the Fuel’s four output settings: High, Medium, Low and Strobe.


The manufacturer claims the device is suited to everything from night time camp chores to technical night hiking. We’d guess it’ll be pretty useful for night riding too. The suggested retail price in the UK is £24.95.