Product recall: Look KEO Chromoly axle pedals

Applies to models manufactured before January 2006

Look are recalling KEO pedals with chromoly axles manufactured prior to January 2006 (between January 2004-December 2005). Models include the KEO Classic, KEO Sprint (Red and Graphite), KEO Carbon Chromoly/Chromoly Ironman and KEO HM Chromoly.


If you are currently using these pedals, please stop immediately.

Anybody affected by the recall is advised to take the pedals to their nearest Look dealer where the axles will be upgraded free of charge.

Identifying your KEO pedals, and whether this recall applies to you

1] Most KEO pedal undersides are stamped with a month/year manufacture date code.


2] KEO HM pedals feature an alphanumeric date code on pedal undersides, with letters A through L corresponding to production month and numbers designating production year.