Product recall: Mavic R-SYS front wheels

Problem with carbon tubular spokes

Mavic R-SYS front wheel recall

Mavic have announced a voluntary recall of all of their R-SYS front wheels (R-SYS, R-SYS Test, R-SYS Premium), warning that the carbon tubular spokes may break during use.


All models are affected, whether bought separately or as part of a full bike.

If you own an R-SYS wheel, you should return it to a Mavic dealer as soon as possible. You will be given an Aksium wheel to use until 31 March when Mavic will send an upgraded R-SYS front wheel free of charge. You will be able to keep the Aksium wheel.

For further information, contact your Mavic dealer or call 00 800 234 788 75 (UK), 1-800-664-9228 (USA and Canada).


To locate your Mavic dealer, go to the Mavic website dealer locator section.