Prologo enters another Dimension

New tech from the Italian saddle specialist

The saddle specialists at Prologo has revised its saddle line for 2019. New from the Italian saddle company are versions of the Dimension with grippy surface treatments and a cleverly designed e-bike saddle. 


New Dimensions

Ever since testing the original Dimension we’ve been wanting a version with its grippy CPC surface
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

Prologo’s take on the shorty saddle, the Dimension, has become a fast favourite with many cyclists. On our wishlist for improvements to the saddle was the inclusion of Prologo’s patented textured, grippy CPC surfacing.

It seems that Prologo was listening, as the company has added a CPC-surfaced version of both the standard Dimension (as used by Team Astana star Jakob Fuglsang) as well as the deeper padded NDR version (as used by Olympic mountain biker Manuel Fumic). 

The hull is shaped to offer flex at the wings and at the edges of the pressure relief channel
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

Alongside these new CPC versions, there is also a new wider and more padded SPACE version of the standard NDR (with deeper padding than even the 7mm deep padding on the standard NDR).

Prologo has also introduced a lower priced T4 cromo railed option, bringing the entry price for the Dimension range down to under £100 for the first time (final RRPs are still to be confirmed).

The new CPC version of the heavier-padded NDR saddle is aimed at gravel and mountain bike riders
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

Prologo’s Proxim e-bike saddle

Prologo’s new Proxim W650 took two years of R&D in conjunction with the Politecnico di Milano
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

When Prologo decided it wanted to look at designing an e-bike specific saddle the company’s outspoken general manager, Salvatore Truglio, approached the Politecnico di Milano and put a challenge to its students and lecturers: “We want you to create an innovative e-bike saddle, amaze us!”

Now, with two years of research and development under its belt, the brand has released the new Proxim. Unlike most e-bike saddles, the Proxim isn’t a hefty, plush padded recreational item. Like most of Prologo’s range, the focus was on technical innovation, low weight and a smattering of clever ideas.

The channel of the Proxim is wide and the nose flexible, details that came to be thanks to the results of its extensive R&D program
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

The hull of the Proxim W650 has been designed to offer different levels of flexibility throughout the shape.

The nose is designed to offer plenty of give, with a 30-degree downward slope to the nose (in a similar vein to the Dimension) as are the edges around the whole shape. The central section is a little firmer, while the heel and wings of the saddle are also designed to offer plenty of flex.  

The hull flexibility is matched to the density of the padding throughout the saddle and the overall shape is inspired by the Dimension models, so this one comes up shorter than a standard saddle at 251mm, but with a semi-round shape more suited to an upright riding position.

The saddle also features a pressure relief channel. The nose is 3mm wider than the Dimension’s, but it shares the downward angle.

The heel of the Proxim is shaped and reinforced so you can use it to lift the bike
Warren Rossiter / Immediate media

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Calibri} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Calibri; min-height: 14.0px} A neat touch is the reinforced ‘grab’ section on the underside of the saddles heel to help when lifting a hefty e-bike.

The cover is seamlessly bonded to the multi-flex hull with each section textured to offer movement or grip. The largest of the three hull sections has a textured surface for all-weather grip, while the central section has a lighter texture to allow a little movement, with the nose offering a smoother surface to avoid any potential friction.


Set into the rear of the hull’s moulding is reflective detailing for a bit of night-time visibility too. Pricing and availability have yet to be released.