Prologo enters new dimension with shorter saddles

Plus new saddles for off-road and women

Prologo has entered the short saddle arena alongside Specialized’s Power saddle, PRO’s Stealth and the new Boost design from Selle Italia.


Prologo’s new Dimension saddle shortens the overall length to 245mm, which is 35mm shorter than its own Scratch model.

Prologo’s brand manager, Salvatore Truglio, explained: “We wanted to offer a short saddle after requests from some of our pro athletes, so we designed a saddle that’s both shorter and wider, because of the way you sit on a saddle like this we also needed to pay attention to the padding construction (it’s now combining multi-densities and layering), placement and also to design a channel, an evolution from our PAS design. This reduces pressure on soft tissues as the saddle is designed for long times in the saddle.”

The Dimensions base is carbon reinforced and sonically bonded to the cover
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The Dimension is a unisex design (much like the Specialized Power) and will be available in both NACK (carbon) railed and Tirox (Ti-alloy) versions. The carbon model is priced at $185 / €220 and the Tirox €135 / $115 — UK and Australian pricing is TBC. We weighed the Nack version at 157.6g (claimed 149g).

We’re big fans of both the Power and Stealth shorty saddles so we have our order in for the Dimension and will report back as soon as we’ve got plenty of miles under our belts on it.

Mountain grip

The CPC Airing sections on the mountain bike saddles are more broadly spaced than the road models
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Prologo’s popular CPC surfacing — a series of rubber inserts on the saddle cover made up of micro-sized funnel shapes that create tenacious grip and improved breathability — has been around on the road for a few years now. The latest CPC Airing design, which collects the funnels into a hexagonal honeycomb pattern for even better breathability, has now been adapted for two new mountain bike saddles: the Scratch X8 and Nago Evo X10.

The pattern of the CPC has been adapted for the mountain bike versions, which Salvatore explains: “We tried the road CPC on a mountain bike saddle but the feedback was that the grip level was too high and the close patterning could easily get filled with mud and dirt, so we developed a slightly wider spaced version that offers the breathability and enough grip ideal for enduro riding.”

The new Scratch X8 features CPC grip sections
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The new X8 mountain bike saddle is priced at €195 / $225 and the X10 €189 / $225.

DEA women’s saddles

The new women’s saddles come in three shapes. This is the narrowest shape — the 141mm wide Nago
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The new range of women’s saddles, named DEA, closely follow the men’s Scratch (round profile), Nago (semi-round), and Zero (semi-round/flat) designs.

They were developed with input from the Prologo-sponsored DNA and Tibco cycling teams. All of the saddles feature a PAS pressure relief channel designed specifically for female anatomy and a multi-density pad that’s structured to provide comfort and support.

The PAS channel on the DEA range is designed for female anatomy
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The DEA range comes with Tirox rails and all shapes are priced at €135 / $115.