Prologo expands CPC concept – Sea Otter 2013

Mountain bike saddles get the elastomeric-tube treatment

Prologo’s novel CPC (Connect Power Control) surface treatment has been successful on its road saddles and gloves at enhancing grip and improving comfort via its unique array of tiny elastomeric rubber tubes. Now, the company is expanding the idea into the mountain bike realm now, with three new saddles for 2014.


The MTB-specific CPC material is slightly different from what Prologo uses on its road and TT saddles, though. The pattern is finer for a less ironclad grip and its location is mostly isolated to the nose so as to boost stability on steep climbs without otherwise affecting maneuverability off the tail.

Prologo will offer cpc enhancements to its x zero, x8, and x10 mountain bike saddles for 2014:
James Huang/BikeRadar
The X Zero, the X8, and the X10 all get the CPC treatment

According to Salvatore Truglio of Prologo, the stuff is also “indestructible” despite its delicate appearance, apparently being used in Formula 1 drivers’ gloves and car seats, plus some military applications.

Prologo will include CPC on three saddles starting in September: the X Zero, the X8 and the X10. All will come with TiroX stainless steel rails for US$190/€165.


Matching gloves in both short- and long-finger varieties will also be available for riders looking to enhance their purchase on the bars. They’ll be rather pricey at US$115/€89 for the long-fingered variety, though. Availability is also scheduled for September.

CPC uses an array of rubber tubes to both enhance grip and provide cushioning. according to salvatore truglio of prologo, the cpc material is
James Huang/BikeRadar
CPC uses an array of rubber tubes for grip and cushioning