ProLogo expands Dimension shorty saddle range

New short saddles for MTB and road endurance riders

The shorty saddle has become increasingly popular since Specialized’s original Power saddle took the concept of nose-less saddles, pioneered by ISM for use in time trial and triathlon, and adapted it for racing too.


Plenty more have followed, with San Marco, Selle Italia and ProLogo all coming up with their take on the concept.

Prologo’s Dimension saddle, which first broke cover at last year’s Taipei show, took the short concept and applied its lightweight construction knowledge to make one of the most minimal short saddles around. Well, now it’s expanded the Dimension range with two further models.

Dimension NDR saddle — for mountain bikers

The NDR has deeper padding than the standard Dimension and a more curved profile

The first addition is the NDR, which brings the short saddle concept to mountain biking. The profile is more rounded than the standard Dimension and adds 3mm in depth to the padding.

Prologo claims the more rounded shape helps with freedom on the natural movement of the pelvis and the 35mm shorter size than a standard saddle helps distribute the pressure more evenly, especially when riding in a more aggressive position.

The PAS channel is wider and deeper than most of its rivals

Like all of the Dimension range, it also uses Prologo’s PAS design features, meaning a wide central channel that’s there to relieve pressure on your sensitive bits and reduce numbness in a pretty crucial area.

Like the standard Dimension, the NDR is 143mm wide and is initially available in three versions: the new, more affordable T4.0 rail at 214g, the Tirox at 189g and the ultra-light carbon Nack at just 150g.

Dimension Space saddle — for endurance roadies

The Space is available in a superlight carbon railed version, a chromo railed version and this titanium alloy Tirox model

The Dimension Space is aimed at more of an all-round rider, which for us is a first — a shorty saddle aimed more at endurance riders than out and out racers.

The profile is more rounded than the standard Dimension and according to Prologo is aimed at riders “with medium-low pelvic rotation/flexibility and wider ischial bone distance,” although it doesn’t state what that ischial bone distance is.

The channel follows the PAS shaping, but its padding is both wider and deeper than the two other versions. That means an extra 4mm of padding with multi densities used throughout to ensure a consistent level of comfort.

The Dimension Space is a unisex model and measures 10mm wider at 153mm than the regular Dimension

The saddle is crucially 10mm wider at 153mm than the regular Dimension, and the Space is defined as a unisex model.

Like the standard Dimension and the NDR, the Space is available in three rail types: the base model T4.0 at 227g, the Tirox at 202g and the Nack at 172g.

ProLogo is the first to expand the short saddle concept into the sportive/endurance category, not to mention for mountain bike use, and we’re intrigued to see how it fairs compared to more established designs.


No pricing international or otherwise has been announced yet, but we expect them to be inline with ProLogo’s current line up.