Prologo Nago EVO saddles – Just in

ProTour perches

Since Prologo’s launch in 2006, the ProTour circuit has served as the company’s litmus test for their top tier products.


Most notably, world champion Fabian Cancellara contributed to the development of the Nago EVO TTR, the brand’s dedicated time trial saddle.

We’ve been sent one to test, along with a Nago EVO Nack. We’ll put full reviews as soon as we’ve put them through their paces. For now here’s a first look.

The Nago EVO TTR is a UCI legal perch with a wide, flat nose. This allows the rider to get far enough forward to attain a powerful pedal stroke and aerodynamic position, without crossing the centre line of the bottom bracket. It features Prologo’s proprietary ‘Slide Control’ nose texture and Pro Ti solid titanium rails.

The nose of the nago evo ttr is well padded.: the nose of the nago evo ttr is well padded.
Matt Pacocha

The Nago EVO Nack road saddle is very popular with Prologo sponsored pros. It has similar dimensions to the Scratch Pro, the Prologo model that best emulates a traditional saddle that cradles the rider’s anatomy, but with a flatter, semi-round shape that you sit on, rather than in. It sports Prologo’s Nach 10 carbon fibre rails.

Prologo’s nago evo nack.: prologo’s nago evo nack.
Matt Pacocha

Both saddles have injected moulded carbon composite bases, Prologo’s firm Active density padding, microfibre covers and are compatible with the manufacturer’s U-Clip accessory attachment system for lights and saddlebags.

The evo nack features prologo’s nach 10 carbon fibre rails.: the evo nack features prologo’s nach 10 carbon fibre rails.
Matt Pacocha

The Nago EVO TTR weighs 248g and costs £119.99/US$189/€139 (this colour scheme isn’t available in the UK). The Nago Evo Nack weighs 158g and costs £199.99/$229/€169. Weights are as measured on BikeRadar’s scale. Stay tuned for in-depth reviews of these saddles.