Prologo’s CPC long-fingered gloves and bar tape – Interbike 2012

Designed to improve comfort and grip

We saw Prologo’s new CPC (Connect Power Control) material on their saddles and short-fingered gloves at Interbike’s OutDoor Demo earlier this week. But they have a couple more new products using the material, which they showed us at their main Interbike booth.


The first is a full-fingered glove suitable for road use in colder temperatures, albeit not full winter. This will retail for €75 and, like the rest of the CPC range, be available from the end of November to early December 2012.

The second is a set of handlebar tape that Prologo are calling One Touch Gel. This looks like normal bar tape even close up, but it’s made using CPC on the outside.

CPC is said to reduce vibration, absorb shock and massage the skin to improve blood flow, so we’re interested to see whether it’s the answer to numbness on long rides. We’ll certainly be testing it when we can get samples, as Prologo’s new F1 derived technology is intriguing.

Prologo’s one touch gel bar tape and zero tt incorporates cpc (connect power control):
Jeff Jones/

Prologo’s One Touch Gel bar tape and Zero TT saddle