Prototype Saracen Myst downhill bike – First look

Saracen downhill team for 2011?

We’ve reported previously on the resurrection of Saracen bikes, and now the company have released details of their new Myst downhill bike, albeit in prototype form.


After signing British dirt jumper Lance McDermott to ride the new Amplitude jump bike, it seems that Saracen aren’t ruling out the possibility of a downhill race team either, with Saracen brand manager Simon Wild saying: “We’re serious about the future and wouldn’t rule out a race team for 2011.”

We wonder whether the Athertons will one day pilot a Saracen downhill bike to victory…

The Myst pictured is a high-end build, weighing in at just over 38lb, but a more affordable yet still raceworthy bike looks viable for around the £2,000 mark, and should be available to buy by July.

Wild said: “We’ve got a medium (black frame) and large (white frame) that we will do shock testing on in March with Mojo. The bike is the first sample and uses a conventional front section. We’re working on a front section with new tubes and these will be ready closer to the launch in July.”

Saracen myst large frame linkage: saracen myst large frame linkage

We’ll bring you more from Saracen later this week.