Proviz applies its reflective know-how to an all-new helmet

Technology used from Proviz's popular Reflect360 jacket

Safety clothing specialist Proviz has launched a helmet sporting the same reflective technology as its popular Reflect360 commuter jacket.


The Reflect360 helmet will retail for £79.99 (international pricing TBC) and features reflective particles that are embedded into the helmet’s shell. Just like the jacket it’s sold alongside, the Reflect360 lid flicks from a casual grey colour to a brilliant white when directly confronted by a light source.

Along with an insect mesh and plastic visor, the helmet also includes an LED lamp at the rear. Fitted to the retention dial that’s used to adjust the fit of the helmet, the twin-LED unit also includes a reflector to further improve visibility.

Without a direct light source the reflective part of the helmet shell appears a casual shade of grey

Rupert Langly-Smith, co-founder of Proviz, said: “We have wanted to introduce a Reflect360 helmet since we launched the range almost three years ago but it has been a challenging process.”


He added: “We are now extremely happy with the helmet and how effective it is at night or during hours of low light and it is a natural expansion of our best-selling range. It is a product that I think all cyclists that wear a helmet will have an interest in.”