Qmountz turns iPhone into action camera

Plastic mount can be clamped to helmet or handlebars

For many riders, the smartphone has replaced the camera, and Maptaq is hoping its new Qmountz mount will help the iPhone replace  action video cameras like those made by GoPro or Contour.


Maptaq claims the clear Qmountz case to be waterproof, shock-resistant and shatter-proof. The case can be used underwater down to 3 meters, Maptaq claims.

Retail price is 79 Euro ($104/£65).

The qmountz can be mounted on a helmet or your handlebars: the qmountz can be mounted on a helmet or your handlebars

The Qmountz is not the first of its kind. Competitors like Optrix have similar models at similar prices.

For cycling, one benefit of an iPhone mount over a standard video camera like a GoPro can be the quick upload to the web or email from the phone in a format with which you’re already familiar. Plus, you have your iPhone with you so can use apps like these.

The Qmountz comes with mounts for the handlebar, helmet and chest.

A 29 Euro ($38/£24) fisheye lens that expands the view to 180 degrees is sold separately. Many riders have reported that recording in wide-view — whether on a GoPro or an iPhone — helps with perceived image stability.


The Qmountz is available now for iPhone 4 and 4S. A iPhone 5 model will be available in February.

The qmountz turns an iphone into an action video camera: the qmountz turns an iphone into an action video camera
A fisheye lens is sold separately