Quantify just how rad you are with the ShredMate

Track jumps and g-forces with nifty, nearly funded Kickstarter project

Does your carefully curated Instagram account that’s filled to the brim with riding shots not do your shredding skills justice? Are you looking for another way to show your friends just how rad you are? If so, the ShredMate may be just the doodad for you.


The ShredMate is a small, Bluetooth enabled device that attaches to your fork leg and syncs with your phone, and via the magic of accelerometers it can time and locate jumps on a trail and track your — we have no doubt — epic hang time.

ShredMate claims that by analysing the data supplied by the unit, you can “train to reduce your landing g force… improving your flow on the trail.”

If you like to make jet-fighter noises as you rail it through the corners you will also be delighted to hear that you can now quantify the sensations via the magic of numbers, because the ShredMate includes sensors that will show peak g-forces after jumps and hard corners.

The small unit is powered by a coin cell and is said to have a six month battery life

The unit is powered by a coin cell battery and is said to have a battery life of up to six months. To be clear, there is no GPS unit inside the ShredMate, tracking is taken care of by your phone.

On first impression the ShredMate app looks pretty slick, with your GPS trace colour-coded to indicate your speed — which we reckon will be much easier to understand at a glance than a graph — and shows the location of jumps.

The ShredMate app colour-codes your GPS trace to indicate speed

There’s only an Android version of the app for now, but an iPhone version is set to go to beta testing this November.

We’ve no doubt that some will be quick to scoff at the idea of having to worry about yet more data on a ride, but we know that there will always be shred-nerds to go alongside the stats-obsessed roadies of this world.

ShredMate pricing and availability

The app will tell you exactly where you #huckedtoflat

Production is set to begin in January 2018 with the unit expected to ship by March.


The ShredMate has been 95% funded at the time of writing, with early-bird pricing for the unit at £50 all gone, so you’ll have to pay full whack, which is still a pretty reasonable £60 / $77 / AU$TBC.