Quella One fixie – first look

Fixed gear bike with flip-flop hub and colour options

BikeRadar first heard of the Quella One fixie at the end of last year. Now we’ve got our hands on a test bike and can give readers a closer look at the bike.


This year’s market is flooded with fixed gear models, and at the Quella’s £389 price point there’s a lot of competition out there. So what sets the One apart from its rivals? Well, the answer is in the detail and the finishes available.

There’s one build on offer, so alongside a vintage-style Cr-Mo frame each bike gets Quella’s 50mm deep-section rims, their 400mm bullhorn bar and a Brooks-esque saddle from Velo. 

A flip-flop hub is also standard, so you’re not tied to a fixed setup, while an integrated tug keeps the chain tight whatever your decision. A simple five-arm, 42-tooth chainset pairs to either the fixed or freewheel sprocket, both of which have 16 teeth. Two dual pivot alloy brakes are supplied with each bike. Many of the rear brakes will never be fitted, of course, but they’re included to conform with legal regulations.

Quella currently offer a choice when it comes to the One’s finish. The first option is an Access range, which includes a selection of predetermined colour schemes and drops in at £389. But if you’re after something a bit more personal then Quella offer what they call an Individual range. You get to pick from more than 200 colour schemes, with chrome, matte and even pearlescent finishes. Pricing stands at £419.

The One is available in three sizes – 52, 55 and 59cm – and Quella claim a weight of 8kg (17.6lb). We’ve also just had word that Halfords will be selling the One online from the end of March. For more information see quellabicycle.com.

We’ll be posting a full review in the near future, but if you can’t wait that long the Quella will be featuring in the next issue of Urban Cyclist magazine, available at myfavouritemagazines.co.uk. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital copy by downloading the free Cycling Plus app.

Quella one fixie :
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

Quella’s One in limited edition gold