Quick Caps quick-release lock hits Kickstarter

New anti-theft device avoids stolen wheels

Quick Caps is a new invention from British engineer Curtis Dorrington, designed to secure quick-release skewers, avoiding wheel theft. The clever design is currently on Kickstarter, where the project needs to gain £15,000 by 25 October.


The Quick Cap uses a single piece of lightweight aluminium with a removable shackle for easy fitting. The Quick Cap doesn’t come into contact with the bike’s frame, but locks around the cup of the quick-release lever, restricting its operation.

Dorrington says: “Simply put, it’s a fit-and-forget mechanism that discourages thieves from stealing your bike wheels, and means you need to carry fewer locks.”


The Quick Caps device has specially designed lugs at its rear that act as stoppers and will be obstructed by the fork, stopping rotation, should a thief get enough force to rotate the lever to undo the thread.