Race Face rolls out Vault hubs for custom wheel builds

Vault hubset now available for J-bend spokes and SuperBoost spacing

Race Face introduced its Vault hubs in 2016 and rolled the design into the product line of its sister company, Easton, last year. Now, Race Face is offering a J-bend version of this hubset so you, or your favorite wheelbuilder, can lace up a set of these quick-acting hubs to the rim of your choice.

The J-bend versions of the Vault hubset will allow you to lace them to the rim of your choice

The Vault hubs that come standard on wheelsets such as the Race Face Turbine R and Next R, and on Easton’s new EA90 SL Disc, use straight-pull spokes. The new J-bend version is designed to cater to custom wheel builders who may already have a favorite spoke and rim combination.

This new version uses the same internals, with the 60-tooth drive ring based on the driver body and the six, double-toothed pawls housed inside the hubshell with a resulting 3-degrees of engagement.

The Vault hub is backwards from many other designs, with the drive ring on the freehub body and the pawls inside the hubshell
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The claimed weight for these hubs is 177g for the front hub and 305g for the rear. Pricing is set at $175 for the front and $325 for the rear hub. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

The J-bend Vault hubs are available in the following configurations. Note the 12x157mm option — we may see a lot more companies supporting this standard in the coming year. 

Front hubs

  • 15×100, 32-hole (9mm quick-release endcaps are also available)
  • 15×110, 32-hole
  • 15×110, 28-hole

Rear hubs

  • 12×142, 32-hole
  • 12×148, 32-hole
  • 12×148, 28-hole
  • 12×157, 32-hole

The Vault is available with Shimano or SRAM XD driver bodies


Visit www.raceface.com for more information.