Radpower’s Radwagon cargo bike is now easier to live with

New frame, smaller wheels, bigger size range, no UK registration required for this e-cargo bike

Radpower Radwagon

Radpower has released its fourth generation Radwagon e-cargo bike, with a raft of updates that we think should make this load-hauling, long wheelbase e-cargo bike much easier to live with, day to day.


The most obvious change is the swap from 26in to 22in wheels, which are now wrapped in 3in wide tyres, specifically designed for the Radwagon and built by Vee Tire Co.

The tyres are said to have a unique tread pattern and with their wide stance should offer plenty of cushioning and comfort.

The smaller diameter also lowers the centre of gravity of the bike, which should help a little with stability, while reflective strips on the sidewall have been added for extra road safety.

Radpower Radwagon in white.
Smaller wheels hold chunkier tyres for added comfort.

While larger, narrower wheels may well roll faster, having tested the third generation of the Radwagon extensively we can confirm that you’ll never be setting any speed records on it.

We believe the 3in tyres are mounted to 50mm wide rims, and if they are should offer decent support – important if and when the bike is fully loaded.

Radpower Radwagon carrying cargo.
Plenty of cargo-carrying add-ons are available for the Radwagon.

Carrying capacity

Speaking of loading the bike, the payload capacity of the bike remains at 158kg, with the rear rack rated at 54kg.

This should be more than enough for large shopping trips, or a child or two if using any of the compatible child seats, or mini handlebars and footplates.

There are multiple options outside of child carrying, too, including crates and loading racks, as well as keg carriers for the front of the bike.

As with the third generation bike, there’s a highly adjustable stem to aid fit, however this latest bike gets a wider diameter seat tube that holds a two-part telescoping seatpost for a wider range of saddle height adjustability – from 690mm to 940mm, which Radpower says should fit rider heights from 156cm to 193cm.

Radpower Radwagon carrying children.
With a sizeable load-rating, you can easily carry passengers.

Plenty of power

The bike also now fully complies as an electrically assisted bike in the UK. The third generation bike had a 750W motor and throttle, meaning while the assistance didn’t exceed 25kph it had to be registered with the DVLA in the UK as a L1e-A electric bicycle.

This fourth generation is limited to 250W continual power output, and the throttle body is there as a walk-assist, up to 6kph, we understand.

The bike still comes with a large 672Wh battery to drive the hub-based Bafang motor.

The on-bar screen shows a variety of data, including speed and battery life.

The drivetrain is based around a 7-speed set up, with an 11-34t cassette, while mechanical disc brake calipers clamp on to 180mm rotors.

Built-in lights, including a braking indicator light, are all wired in from the off.

Radpower Radwagon in black
There’s a special black version available, for those who don’t want to stand out from the crowd too much!

Alongside all these updates is a cheaper price.


The third generation was priced at €1,699, while this one is €1,599. Pre-order is currently available (for September delivery) at a discounted €1,499, though.