Rapha beefs up design on Pro Team Arenberg Glasses

Carl Zeiss lens now has a full frame and snap-lock hinge

Were the Pro Team Glasses too light? Rapha has followed the 25g Pro Team Flyweight Glasses with the new Pro Team Arenberg Glasses, which keep the same Carl Zeiss lens with a scratch-resistant treatment but get a full frame around the lens and a snap-lock hinge. 


The £150 / $220 Pro Team Arenberg Glasses weigh a claimed 33g.

Compared to a big full-frame sunglass like the Oakley Jawbreaker, the Pro Team Arenberg has a thinner frame that sits flush with the lens. Like the Jawbone, the Pro Team Arenberg features a single lens that goes across the bridge of the nose, instead of two lenses like in casual sunglasses.

There are vents on the sides and the top of the lens.

Compared to the Flyweight, Rapha beefed up the rubber on the arms considerably, to help keep the glasses in place for riders who like to stick them inside their helmet vents. 

The 25g Flyweight glasses were super light, but they didn’t really have any rubber grip on the arms. Rapha fixed this with the Arenberg
Courtesy Rapha

Several lens options are available, each of which hasoleophobic and hydrophobic coating front and back 

  • Silver – Highly reflective to reduce glare
Clear – Low light and dark conditions
Yellow – Low light enhancement

  • Bronze – Changeable riding conditions
Black Mirror – Enhances greys

The Pro Team Arenberg has replaceable rubber nosepads and comes in a metal case.