Rapha launch skincare range

Chamois cream, embrocation and soap, handmade in UK

Rapha have launched a Performance Skincare collection made up of chamois cream, embrocation and soap, with an expanded range included shaving cream, lip balm and sunscreen to follow next year.


All the products are handmade in the UK and have been inspired by the scents of the plants and herbs growing on Mont Ventoux, including Atlas cedar, lavender, pine needles, rosemary, juniper berry and lemon.

The £20 125ml pot of winter embrocation “not only helps give you vital headspace ahead of a long ride but the massaging action loosens muscles and helps release antioxidants,” say Rapha. It’s made from warming agents and contains arnica, essential oils, vitamin E and beeswax.

Rapha’s chamois cream has been developed with help from team riders who used it on their recent 326km 1910 Challenge as well as the Rapha Cent Cols Challenge, which saw them climbing 100 cols in 100 days. The £15 cream uses olives, vegetable glycerine and shea butter to prevent chafing, plus menthyl to keep skin cool.

If you’re after a relaxing post-ride bath then Rapha think their soap is the thing for you. Inspired by Mont Ventoux’s many olive groves, it’s rich in natural oils and good for cleaning leather gloves too, apparently. All for £7 a block.


We’re about to run ourselves a bath – will you be doing the same?