Rapha launches Graffiti collection

Wearable encouragement from the crowds

With the Tour de France just around the corner, Rapha has just released a limited edition collection inspired by the ‘road graffiti’ that’s seen on the tarmac of many a race.


Be it names, nicknames, words of encouragement, insults or simply blatant self-promotion, the art scrawled across the tarmac at key sections of stages is an integral part of the experience of any big road race. It’s the enthusiasm, energy and atmosphere created by the crowd that really makes some of these events special.

Rapha has tried to capture that with its latest collection, featuring a graffiti inspired print in either ‘Carbon Grey’ or ‘Hi-Vis Pink’.

The collection features a graffiti inspired print on several of Rapha’s established pieces

The collection consists of the Pro Team Flyweight Jersey, Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey, Pro Team Sleeveless Baselayer, Souplesse Flyweight Jersey, Souplesse Thermal Jersey, Souplesse Mesh Baselayer and Pro Team Socks.

Rapha Graffiti pricing and availability

  • Graffiti Print Pro Team Flyweight Jersey: £135 / $185 / AU$240
  • Graffiti Print Souplesse Flyweight Jersey: £125 / $175 / AU$220
  • Graffiti Print Pro Team Socks: £15 / $20 / AU$27
  • Graffiti Print Pro Team Baselayer, sleeveless: £45 / $65 / AU$80
  • Graffiti Print Souplesse Mesh Baselayer: £50 / $70 / AU$90
  • Graffiti Print Pro Team Lightweight Gilet: £90 / $125 / AU$NA
  • Graffiti Print Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey: £150 / $205 / AU$260
  • Graffiti Print Souplesse Thermal Jersey: £150 / $205 / AU$260

For more information you can check out the complete collection here.