Rapha rolls out fresh collections

New jersey designs in Cross, Pro Team and special edition ranges

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With plenty of new colours, prints and garments, Rapha is releasing new ranges of clothing seemingly every few days; we’ve counted seven separate releases since the start of the month. Here are a few highlights of the latest designs.

Tom Simpson Capsule Range

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In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Tom Simpson’s world championship win, Rapha released a commemorative jersey.

Made from high-stretch fabric, the Simpson jersey features quotes from headlines of the day.

Tom Simpson died on Mount Ventoux during the 1967 Tour de France with amphetamines in his blood stream and in his jersey pocket.

Jersey: $195 / £130 / AU$230

Cap: $40 / £25 / AU$50

Team GB Country Jersey

The team gb country jersey is the first of a range of commemorative tops celebrating the iconic european cycling nations:

The Team Sky GB Country Jersey is inspired by the cycling nations of Europe; Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and Great Britain, where the team’s riders live and train.

The Team GB Country Jersey is the first of many limited edition tops slated for release throughout the year.

$115 / £75 / AU$125


The Rapha Cross range at face value seems like an offshoot of the road gear in a new design, but there are cyclocross-specific details like padded shoulders for a little cushion while carrying the bike.

Short Sleeve Cross Jersey


The short sleeve Cross jersey is made from a mid-weight mesh fabric, that should hold up to the extra rigors and inevitable crashes that come with ‘cross, as well as three pockets, and a zippered valuables pocket.

$125/ £85 / AU$150

Long Sleeve Cross Jersey


Made from a slightly different mid-weight fabric, the Cross long sleeve jersey is designed to strike the balance between insulation and breathability. The lightly padded shoulders are ready for your bike’s top tube.

$195 / £130 / AU$230

Cross Long Sleeve Aero Suit

The long sleeve cross aero suite aint your typical skin suite:

For race day, Rapha has the Cross Long Sleeve Aero Suit. Based around the Road Aero Suit initially designed for Team Sky, the Cross version features ¾ sleeves, reinforced shoulders, and coldblack-treated, high-stretch aero fabric.

There’s also a single rear pocket for a pre-race bottle that sits flush when not in use to avoid snagging pedals, and a front flap to make your pre-race bathroom break a little less awkward.

$340 / £230 / AU$395


Long Sleeve Training Jersey


Designed to fill the gap between the Pro Team and Club Cuts, the Long Sleeve Training Jersey features a slightly more relaxed fit, allowing for thicker base layers and your extra ’winter insulation’. Made with a Japanese-milled yarn on the outside and hydrophobic yarns on the inside, Rapha says the material will improves durability while delivering moisture management and breathability.

This top is pitched for mild temperatures between 5 – 15 ºC / 40 – 60 ºF.

$160 / £110 / AU$195

Pro Team

Designed in collaboration with Team Sky, the Pro Team kit comes in a few new designs for the end of the year, including the polarizing Data Print pattern.We can’t help but wonder if the British outfit is taking cues from some of our Wild Style brands.

Aero Jersey

We already  took a look at the new Pro Team Aero Jersey, which is meant to look and feel like a skinsuit. Rapha slightly modified the cut, rearranged seams and refined the pockets in an attempt to reduce drag and improve comfort. The Pro Team Aero Jersey will also be available in a slighting heavier weight long sleeve version.


Short Sleeve: $195 / £130 / AU$230

Long Sleeve: $210 / £140 / AU$250

Rain Gilet


Made from the same polylaminate waterproof fabric as the Rapha Race Cape, the Rain Gilet is a pocket-sized waterproof, with an extended tail to help combat road spray and the dreaded saturated chamois.

$220 / £140 / AU$250

Lightweight Gilet


With a claimed weight of only 76g, the Lightweight Gilet is a mesh-backed packable wind vest. Another ‘just in case’ layer, the Lightweight Gilet can be packed down small in a jersey pocket.

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$120 / £80 / AU$150