Rapha rolls out Giro-related gear

Made-in-Italy Rapha Coppi kit for on and off the bike

Rapha may not be sponsoring Team Sky any more, but the British brand is still pushing hard on associating itself with racing. The new Rapha Coppi collection of merino and polyester riding and casual wear launched this month with the Giro d’Italia.


Italian cyclist Fausto Coppi died in 1960, but Rapha has latched onto his legacy to promote its clothing. While much of Rapha’s clothing — and much of cycling clothing across the industry in general — is made in China and elsewhere around the world, the Rapha Coppi gear is all made in Italy.

Rapha Coppi cycling clothing

The Rapha Coppi Rosa jersey
Courtesy Rapha

There are a few new merino jerseys in various styles — including the Coppi Rosa in the the color of the Giro’s leader’s jersey — with 1/4 zippers and three button rear pockets.

There is a new Coppi Flyweight jersey made with modern fabrics, a full zip, and a stage elevation profile across the pockets.

And Rapha also has a pair of Classic bib shorts to match all the above, with the mesh straps done in rosa.

Rapha has Classic bib shorts to match the Coppi collection
Courtesy Rapha

Rapha Coppi casual clothing

In keeping with the old-school Italian cycling theme, Rapha has new merino Warm Up jackets and trousers, plus a Coppi Pack jacket, silk scarf and even Coppi sunglasses.

Rapha Coppi includes a number of casual merino pieces, like this sweater
Courtesy Rapha