Rapha to end Rapha-Condor-JLT sponsorship in 2015

Clothing brand to support Britsh road racing in "other ways"

Felix English of Rapha-Condor-JLT winning the Nottingham Milk Race in May

Cycling apparel label Rapha has announced it will be pulling out of co-ownership and sponsorship of UK domestic squad Rapha-Condor-JLT in 2015.


While 2014 will be its last year, Rapha, which set up the team with London bike brand Condor in 2006, says it has ramped up investment to help build the squad up in the coming season and will help the team find new backers for 2015 and beyond.

The news comes after two UK teams folded this year after failing to find sponsors – Team UK Youth and IG-Sigma Sport.

Rapha’s CEO Simon Mottram said that despite giving 16 months notice to find new sponsors, Rapha was still planning to support UK road racing.

“After eight years the cycling market and our business have changed and we have decided that having a UCI registered Continental Racing team is not the best way for Rapha to contribute to the UK racing scene.

“We are exploring other ways in which Rapha can usefully invest in UK racing.”

co-sponsors Condor and JLT are said to be committed to continuing the team in 2015 and beyond. 

The team has been one of the most successful squads on the UK scene, winning 12 International UCI races and having numerous successes on the domestic calendar. Big wins include Kristian House’s national Championship win in 2009, Chris Newton’s Premier Calendar series success in 2010 and Mike Cuming’s victory at the Tour of Korea in 2013. Ed Clancy, Olympic gold medallist has been on the squad since 2011. 


Ahead of the 2012 season the team announced it was switching its focus away froma results-driven team to help develop talented young riders.