Rapha unveil new City Riding range

Plus cyclo-cross gear, new women's kit and updates for 2011

We’ve already shown you the fruits of Rapha’s collaboration with British fashion designer Paul Smith and their first skincare range, but they’ve got plenty of other new gear for autumn/winter, including a debut ‘City Riding’ line, cyclo-cross clothing and an expanded women’s range. Here are some of the highlights.


City Riding

City Riding is a new line aimed at, in the words of Rapha boss Simon Mottram, “the person who wants to ride fast through town” and “the city rider who also loves road racing”. Key items include a limited edition tweed softshell jacket, Rapha’s first pair of jeans, softshell trousers (£180) and a 100 percent merino wool Breton Sweater (£130). 

There’s also a bomber jacket (£210), long-sleeve merino polo shirt (£110), track top (£150) and merino jersey (£90), plus accessories including a ‘Gentleman’s cap’ (£45), silk scarf (£50) and leather gloves (£120). Some of these items are available now, with the rest due out by late December – check Rapha’s website for availability.

Rapha autumn/winter range: rapha autumn/winter range

The Breton Sweater is part of Rapha’s new City Riding line, and went on sale yesterday

The £400 Tweed Softshell is available in limited numbers – only 300 will be made, most of which have already been reserved – and features a 100 percent wool outer bonded to a Schoeller membrane and liner. Both water resistant and breathable, it’s said to have a nicer feel than last year’s Rapha softshell.

The price is high even for Rapha but apparently that’s due to the cost of the fabric – £60/m. Features include Neoprene cuffs, side ventilation zips, reflective piping and an offset front zip – plus suede elbow and left shoulder (to prevent wear from a courier bag) patches.

Rapha tweed softshell:

The Tweed Softshell is billed as a “luxury piece of outerwear that blends sartorial heritage with intelligent design”

The jeans have taken two years to develop, with particular attention being paid to the fabric. Nylon and Lycra have been added to the cotton to improve durability, water resistance, drying time, colour-fastness and stretch.

Made in Italy, they have straight legs and are cut high at the back and low at the front, with extra-deep pockets so stuff doesn’t fall out. Seams have been moved away from potential chafing zones and there’s a reinforced D-lock pocket on the back. The inside binding is bright pink and the right leg turns up to reveal a reflective logo. Price is £150, and they’re available in sizes 30-38, in long (34in) or regular lengths.

Rapha jeans:

Rapha’s jeans won’t be available until early next year but they seem to have been well thought out

Women’s range

Rapha launched their first three women’s products this spring and they’re now expanding the line with four new items – a long-sleeve jersey (£130), waterproof softshell jacket (£240), 3/4-length bib shorts (£160) and logo T-shirt (£30). Lots of Rapha’s accessories now come in smaller, more female-friendly sizes too.

The softshell and jersey are based on the men’s equivalents but with a female-specific cut, while the bib knickers have the same pad as the women’s shorts, flatlock seams, a high front and legs that end just below the knee.

Rapha autumn/winter range: rapha autumn/winter range

Seen in this picture is the Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey and new white Rapha Silk Scarf


On the off-road racing side of things, there’s a new Cross jersey (£130) and matching 3/4-length bibs (£150), plus an umbrella (£50) and cap (£15), all emblazoned with the pink/red/blue tricolour of the US-based Rapha-Focus team.

The slim fit, lightweight jersey has a merino wool inner and raised collar to keep you warm, offset seams and a foam pad on the right shoulder to make shouldering your bike easier, while the bib knickers are similar to Rapha’s standard 3/4-length shorts but made of a lighter, yet apparently equally durable, fabric. All the ‘cross gear is available now.

Rapha cross jersey and bibs: rapha cross jersey and bibs

Training and Racing

Of course, the core of Rapha’s range is still the classic road kit. The line has been updated for autumn/winter 2010/11 and now includes Deep Winter tights, which are designed to be warm enough for riders battling harsh winters in central Europe or on the eastern seaboard of the USA.

Priced at £220, these leggings are made of a thicker Roubaix fabric than Rapha’s standard bibs, with thinner sections on the chest and rear of the legs to prevent overheating. Other features include windproof panels on the front, a reinforced, waterproof seat, articulated knees, foot stirrups, offset seams, reflective details and a ‘Wheelsucker’ logo at the top of the seat.

Rapha deep winter tights:

Designed to be worn over padded cycling shorts, the Deep Winter tights should keep you cycling through the worst conditions

The Winter Jersey (£150) has more windproofing on the front and sides for 2010/11, plus a reflective armband and reworked rear pocket configuration. A Rapha-Condor-Sharp team version is available too. New for this season are a pair of oversocks made by DeFeet (price TBC), which join staples such as the Long Sleeve Jersey (£130), leg warmers (£55), winter gloves (£100), merino neck gaiter (£25) and knitted winter hat (£45). Various different colour options are available, include a new cream colourway.

Rapha training and racing:

Rapha’s classic Long Sleeve Jersey is now available in this new cream colourway