Rapha Women’s 100 capsule collection released

Limited edition women's road cycling kit

Reassuringly expensive cycling brand Rapha has launched a capsule collection of women’s road cycling kit to celebrate the 2015 Women’s 100 event.


The Women’s 100 is one of Rapha’s flagship rides – a global callout for women to get on their bikes and cycle 100km on one day, wherever they are in the world.

In 2014, 8,000 women rode alone, in groups and on organized rides. Rapha aims to double that number this year, with rides planned on nearly every continent, taking in such locations as Iceland, Dubai and Chile.

The event is now part of what Rapha, ever a company with an eye for slick, stylish production and aspirational imagery, has rather christened ‘The Calling’. This encompasses projects, platforms and events the brand is developing to bring more women to road cycling (including its ambassador programme), along with an impressively impassioned marketing spiel.

The rapha women’s 100 capsule collection consists of socks, cap and jersey:

The limited edition capsule collection consists of a jersey (UK £85 / USD $125 / AUS $135), cap (UK £20 /USD $30 / AUS $30) and sock (UK £15 / USD $25 / AUS $27), and all are available via the Rapha website.


To get involved in the Rapha Women’s 100, sign up via the Rapha website or find a local ride.