Rapha’s extended Pro Team range brings Team Sky-level kit to market

Emulate the pros, or just aim for speed and style

If you’re looking to channel Team Sky or Team Wiggins, the new additions to Rapha’s Pro Team collection may be right up your street. The range, which consists of jerseys, shorts and other items, has been designed for performance and aerodynamics, with input and feedback from the pro cyclists of Team Sky. 


The new items added to the Pro Team line consist of an Aero Jersey, Aero Bib Shorts, Aerosuit, Lightweight Gilet, Race Cape and short sleeve Base Layer in a range of colours including light blue, pink and black. Available in size XS to XXL, there will also be a women’s Pro Team range release later in 2016. 

While they may not be in the livery of the teams, in all other respects the garments are like-for-like equivalents, including the fabrics used, the weather protection, technology and performance. The Aero garments underwent wind-tunnel testing, with multi-panel construction and seam position designed to reduce drag. Further aerodynamic elements include smooth front panels and textured sleeve fabrics that break up the airflow, acting a little like the dimples on a golf ball, which likewise reduces drag on these areas. 

The Aerosuit was developed by Rapha as an ‘all-day’ skinsuit, designed to provide aerodynamic gains such as those mentioned above throughout several hours of riding, but also developed with a number of practical features including three rear pockets and race radio loops. The sleeves can be cut short length if the longer length they are supplied with is not to your taste or comfort. 

The new short sleeved base layer and aero jersey:

The new Pro Team Base Layer and Aero Jersey

Rapha states that both Team Sky and Canyon//SRAM riders and management were involved in the design and development process, stating what they needed and wanted from the kit. 

The release of these high-end performance oriented products comes hot on the heels of the British company’s new Core collection, a range of more ‘accessibly’ priced garments.

For those who have been admiring the much-commented upon Canyon//SRAM team kit and its hazard-tape inspired pattern or the Team Wiggins or Team Sky kit, this is also your first opportunity to cast your eyes over some of the soon-to-be-released team editions of the Pro Team Collection, which will become available over the next couple of months. 

The women’s Canyon//SRAM Aero Jersey and Bib Shorts are shown on the Rapha Pro Team page, retailing at £130 for the jersey and £170 for the shorts, and both coming in sizes XXS to XL. On the men’s team kit side of things, both the Team Sky and Wiggins team kit will also be available shortly. The Team Sky Aero Jersey retails at £130 and the Aero Bib Shorts at £220. The Wiggins Pro Team Jersey retails at £120 and the corresponding team Bib Shorts at £190. Both sets are available in sizes XS to XXL.


Pricing details

  • Pro Team Aero Jersey £130 / AU$230 / $210
  • Pro Team Aero Bib Shorts £220 / AU$385 / $320
  • Pro Team Aerosuit £230 / AU$395 / $340
  • Pro Team Lightweight Gilet £80 / AU$150 / $120
  • Pro Team Race Cape £190 / AU$325 / $295
  • Pro Team Base Layer – Short Sleeve £50 / AU$90 / $75