Rapido Pro pump head offers spring-loaded attachment

Unique pump head smashes Kickstarter goal

With two days to go, the Rápido Pro Pump head has nearly doubled its initial crowdfunding goal, raising US$63,622.


Reminiscent of the Birzman Snap-It Apopee pump head (one we love), the Rápido Pro’s patent pending one-handed locking interface fits both schrader and presta valves with no switches, adapters, or levers.

The rapido pro fits both schrader and presta valves without any adapters or switches:

The Rápido Pro pump head makes quick work of both schrader and presta valves

Attaching and removing the pump head appears to be as simple as pulling back on the metal collar to load the spring, pushing it onto the valve and then seating the collar downward to seal it. Removing the head is simply a matter of lifting the collar and air pressure pushes the head off.

As pump heads are often the weak point of many pumps, the Rápido Pro’s one handed operation could make it a popular aftermarket upgrade.

Made from high impact plastic and stainless steel, the Rápido Pro head is claimed to hold a seal and maintain pressure at 120psi for 25-minutes.

Despite the apparent quality of the head, the plastic floor pump appears to be a cheap and generic:

The Rápido Pro complete pump appears to be cheap and generic

Additionally, the team at Rápido is offering a floor pump with the Rápido Pro pump head attached. The pump itself appears to be a generic Giyo plastic model, which is disappointing in comparison to the apparent build quality of the pump head.

The Rápido Pro pump head is available in five colours, and is estimated for delivery in July. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.


For further information, visit the Rápido Pro Kickstarter campaign.