This kit converts 11-speed SRAM shifters to 12-speed

Affordable conversion kit could breathe life into previous-generation shifters and derailleurs

Ratio Technology 2x12 conversion kit

Ratio Technology has released a kit that enables you to convert 11-speed mechanical SRAM road levers to work with SRAM’s family of 12-speed eTap AXS cassettes. The £99.50 /$112 / €99 / AU$158 kit will work with shifters for both rim brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.


The kit comprises a new ratchet, two 3D-printed jockey wheels and a new M2.5 screw to fit the ratchet inside the shifters.

To get running with a 2×12 setup, you will also require a 12-speed cassette, a Flattop chain and new chainrings.

While all of that will add up to a fair premium, it’s still likely to be considerably cheaper than a 12-speed SRAM Rival eTap AXS groupset.

Ratio Technology does caution that the system is unlikely to work with 12-speed cassettes from other brands, including Campagnolo and Shimano. A full compatibility chart is available on the brand’s website.

Ratio Technology 2x12 conversion kit
The conversion kit is made up of surprisingly few parts.
Ratio Technology

SRAM’s previous-generation mechanical road groupsets are among the lightest ever produced. This new kit allows weight-conscious riders who are wedded to the SRAM ecosystem to upgrade older groupsets while, potentially, offering a lower overall system weight compared to an equivalent eTap AXS groupset.

For example, according to Ratio Technology’s own calculations, a converted rim brake Force 22 groupset would work out roughly 222g lighter than a Force eTap AXS equivalent.


Ratio Technology also offers kits to convert 11-speed shifters to work with 12-speed mechanical Eagle derailleurs and cassettes, potentially offering riders a so-called mullet setup for a far lower premium than an equivalent eTap AXS setup. A kit for 1×12 road cassettes is also available.