Ray Samson wins first round of UK King of Dirt series

Britain’s best dirt jumpers do battle in Cornwall

Ray Samson won the first round of the 2010 King of Dirt series ahead of Adam Williams and Clinton Johns.


Horrendous weather almost put a stop to the competition, but the riders pulled off some special tricks despite the wind and rain.

Samson managed a 360 X-up one-footer, while second placed rider Adam Wiliams pulled a 360 double tailwhip.

Another highlight was the commentary from Ollie Wilkins and Danny Pace, who wasn’t riding due to a broken leg.

Round two of the competition takes place at Redhill Extreme in Gloucestershire on 5-6 June, with the third round taking place at BikeRadar Live on 11 July – for more information, visit www.bikeradar.com/live.


Elite riders:

  1. Ray Samson (£250)
  2. Adam Williams (£100)
  3. Clinton Johns (£50)
  4. Daryl Brown
  5. Jack Gear

Open riders:

  1. Tom Reynolds
  2. Craig Potter
  3. Liam Smitheram
  4. Joe Bond
  5. Will Roberts

Progression award: Adam Williams

Style award: Daryl Brown


Biggest bail: Tim Peckham, but maybe this should have gone to the Huckmonkey team as a whole as they all now seem to be injured.