Rebecca Romero joins Orbea-For Goodness Shakes!

Men's and women's squads for 2010

Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Romero is the star signing to the new Orbea-For Goodness Shakes! road squad.


The UK-based team was launched today at Redbridge Cycling Centre in London, and the final lineup of both the men’s and women’s squads was revealed.

Romero, individual pursuit gold medallist at the Beijing Olympic Games, is the biggest name on the roster, but there’s plenty of other talent, including former

“Rebecca is a remarkable athlete and has long since proven how adaptable she is, and Orbea will be doing all we can to support her in her quest for gold medals in the Worlds and Olympics during the next years,” said Renny Stirling, head of Orbea UK.

The men’s squad mixes youth and experience. With Lyons, Dean Shannon and Ben Thompson to guide them, expectations are high for youngsters Dan Kogan, Marcel Six, Steven Griffiths, Lewis Atkins and Kristian Downs. Romero heads the women’s squad alongside Birkmyre, Cassie Gledhill, Caroline Wojcik-Gammell and Emilie Fisher.


Stirling said: “To be able to launch both a men’s and women’s squad for 2010 is fantastic. Women’s racing has faced some difficult times of late and Orbea wanted to show that we are backing women’s racing and are proud to be supporting some of the finest women athletes in the country.”

Rebecca romero is the star signing of the new orbea-for goodness shakes! squad: rebecca romero is the star signing of the new orbea-for goodness shakes! squad
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