Red Bull-SPECT might make your next mountain biking sunglasses

Collaboration sunglasses will soon be available in UK shops

Ultraflex glasses being flexed

Red Bull has never been scared to push limits, whether that be hosting wild events such as Rampage, producing boundary-pushing edits or even completely redefining itself. The energy drinks superbrand’s collaboration with SPECT eyewear falls into the latter category.


Red Bull also has a, mostly, casual clothing line, Alpha Tauri, so it is perhaps no surprise that the brand would want to branch into further technical products.

Red Bull-SPECT sunglasses have been available online for some time now — the project began in 2016 — but the brand will be spreading its wings in 2019, namely through its distribution in the UK via Hookit Products.

While the full range of Red Bull-SPECT eyewear will not be immediately available through Hookit, the good news is that the distributor will bring in some specs well-suited to mountain biking.

Red Bull Spect sunglasses
The Wing glasses are technical and feature the Dual Temple System that keeps them firmly in place
Red Bull/Hookit

The Wing model range is probably of the most interest to mountain bikers and cyclists in general.

These sunnies feature a hidden “Dual Temple System”, essentially a retractable wire that grips the ears, which is claimed to keep the glasses in place through the roughest terrain or harshest landings.

The lenses of the Wing, and indeed every model, are polarized and feature “contrast enhancing properties”, which Red Bull-SPECT says will help “prevent you from tired eyes”.

There are three model categories and price points in the range, with various shapes and colours available in each.

The Shout models are more casual, fashion-focused, and retail at £69, while the Ultraflex models are resistant and can be twisted out of shape but claim to spring back, and retail at £99.

The mountain bike-friendly Wing models retail at £130 — not bad for technical sunglasses with a unique feature in the Dual Temple System.

Red Bull-SPECT eyewear details and pricing

Red Bull Spect sunglasses on male model
The collaboration between Red Bull and SPECT has produced a number of sunglasses and goggles
Red Bull/Hookit
  • Lens: CE polarized and contrast enhancing UV protective
  • Colours: Various
  • Shout: £69 /€79.99
  • Ultraflex: £99 / €110
  • Wing: £130 / €149.99