Repair stations pop up on Fresno State campus

Stations cater to students without tools

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It isn’t an uncommon sight at any medium or large sized university to see students riding bikes to class, yet, it’s also common to see students walking with bikes that are in need of repairs. Seeing this, Fresno State in California recently installed two self-service bike repair tool stations on their campus.

Each station offers a variety of tools, including an air pump and a variety of wrenches for simple and even not so simple adjustments. While this won’t likely put any of the area’s shops out of business, it is enough to hopefully help riders make it home – or at least to the shop – safely.

The stations are located in front the University Student Union and in front of an Atrium near the university dorms, the stations are in well lit, highly trafficked areas with the highest volume of bicycles. These spots were chosen both for the security of being in popular areas, and because of the expected demand. Should that demand increase the University said it may install more stations in the future.

Fresno state’s bicycle stations double as repair racks:
Matt Weir / The Collegian

Fresno State’s repair rack

The school’s Alternative Transportation Fund paid for the program, according to Amy Armstrong, a public information officer with the California State University, Fresno Police Department.

“We plan on monitoring the use of the stations and expand the program if we see a high volume of use,” says Armstrong. “If this program increases the number of bikes on campus then it is definitely a success and worth the investment.”

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Prior to the installation of the do-it-yourself repair stations, the only place on campus to repair a bicycle was in a shed in the plant operations agriculture yard. This shed was only open at times when a student was actually available to man it, so the two stations are already being seen as a bonus for students with bikes.