Retro ‘porteur’ bike is a labour of love

French fancy will have fixie fans drooling

This fixie created by Frenchman Nicolas Yvars could be the ultimate retro ride. It’s handmade, using vintage parts and high quality leather.


Nico says it combines his three passions – “leathercraft, street fashion and luxury” – and has been designed as a ‘porteur’, a type of cargo bike originally used by newspaper sellers in Paris.

It took him more than a year to track down the parts, and he made the whole thing himself, outsourcing only the frame painting and wheelbuilding.

Called the Leather X Porteur, neat touches include the hip flask attachment under the saddle and hand-stitched detailing on the leather tube covers. Nico claims it has the “agility and reactivity of a track frame” with added comfort from the big tyres.

For those about to reach for their wallet, sorry – Nico says it’s a “personal artwork” that he rides every day and has no plans to sell. It’s just a way to promote his marketing company, Ateliers d’Embellie. Having said that, he is working on a matching travel bag for his front rack.


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Leather x porteur: leather x porteur
Ateliers d'Embellie