Return of a classic: Schwinn’s Lemon Peeler is back!

Only 500 of these classic kids’ bikes will be produced

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Cyclists of a certain era will remember Schwinn’s colorful, fruit-flavored, children’s bikes. Schwinn is hoping to cash in on some childhood nostalgia — or perhaps just an appreciation of retro style — with the introduction of a limited edition of the Lemon Peeler.

The original Lemon Peeler was produced from 1968 to 1973

Produced from 1968 to 1973, Schwinn’s iconic Krate series of bike ruled neighborhoods across America.

Vintage models in good condition can sell for thousands of dollars — a pretty good return on investment for those who bought one for the original price of $86.95.

This Lemon Peeler is more a tribute to the great Schwinn bikes of yesteryear than it is a faithful recreation of the model.

Aficionados may note that the original Lemon Peeler featured a 5-speed stick shift mounted to the top tube. (Try getting a crotch-knocking shifter past the Consumer Product Safety Commission in today’s world.)

No gears here, but the coil-sprung saddle is present

Two hand brakes were mounted to the ape hanger handlebar. One actuated a drum brake front hub while the other handled a caliper brake mounted between the curved seatstays.  

In contrast, this throwback design is a singlespeed with a coaster brake hub. However, the springer fork and “full-floating” banana seat are present and correct. This Lemon Peeler also has the mismatched 16in front wheel and 20in rear wheel with a skid-happy Sting-Ray Silk tire.

The signature springer fork is great for curb-hucking

No word on if Schwinn plans to offer the Wham-O Wheelie bar as an aftermarket upgrade.

Only 500 of these Lemon Peelers are being produced. They’re being sold exclusively through Amazon for $350. 

Only 500 Lemon Peelers will be produced
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We hope to see Schwinn roll out other members of this family in the future, including the Orange and Apple Krates along with the Pea Picker.