Reynolds launch general purpose stainless steel tubeset

New stainless steel tubeset is easier to source and work

Reynolds 921 is a general purpose tubeset

Bike builders are in for a treat: British tubing specialist Reynolds have launched a new lightweight and more affordable stainless steel tubeset suitable for 29er, Audax, BMX and cyclocross bikes.


The new Reynolds 921 alloy is already used extensively in the aviation and subsea oil and gas industries, thanks to its light weight and resistance to corrosion.

Reynolds claim the new tubeset is “probably the highest strength cold-worked tube set available in the bike industry”.

It’s already been trialled as a frame material by UK frame builder Ted James Design whose road bike passed a key frame fatigue test, the EN14781.    

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Ted James talks about working with the new Reynolds 921

Phil Taylor, organiser of the UK’s biggest handmade bike show, Bespoked, said 921 would be a useful addition to Reynolds’ range because it was likely to be significantly cheaper than the company’s flagship 953 tubing and should be easier to source.

He said: “953 has always been hard to get hold of and it’s notoriously hard to work with… where 921 fits in is that it’s got a wider appeal and is better for a general range of bikes.”


Reynolds are taking orders for 921 now. Deliveries are expected in early 2014.