Reynolds to unveil Eighty One wheels at Tour De France

1,600g deep-section carbon wheels to be used by AG2R

French team AG2R have revealed they’ll be using Reynolds’ new Eighty One deep-section (81mm) carbon fibre wheels for some sections of this year’s Tour De France.


The team will use the Eighty One as a rear wheel in combination with the Forty Six during flat and rolling stages. Claimed weight for the Eighty One wheelset is 1,600g; subbing in the Forty Six front wheel saves 200g.


The new wheel makes use of Reynolds’ “Swirl Lip Generator” which they say improves aerodynamics and cross wind stability. The feature is said to help air flowing around the rim to re-attach, minimising drag and making steering more predictable. The tubular wheelset will cost around £1,699, while a pair of clinchers will cost around £1,999. They are expected to go on sale in September. Visit the Reynolds website for more information.