Ride the airbag at BikeRadar Live!

Nail your jumps in safety

Ride the airbag at BikeRadar Live

We’re very excited about this one. Mountain Biking UK magazine spent a day testing out TheAirBag.Net’s giant landing pad last year, and said: “Foam pits cannot nearly provide the safety and experience … You need to try this for yourself.”


Well, now you can try it – at BikeRadar Live! And two of the country’s best dirt jumpers will be on hand to help you get your tricks dialled.

The airbag works by providing a massive pillow of air to cushion and absorb anything falling on it. Complete beginners up to Olympic athletes can benefit from using it, whether as a core part of their progression or just for a bit of fun.

“Hitting the airbag is a great way of learning new tricks without braining yourself, and for those who aren’t into tricks it’s one of the most fun things to try on a bike – see how high you can go at BikeRadar Live,” says Doddy from MBUK.

Dirt Jump Masterclass sessions on the airbag will take place throughout the weekend at BikeRadar Live, which takes place at Brands Hatch, Kent from 10-11 July. You can join in a group session for just £15 in advance – book your spot now.

So, who are the pros who’ll be on hand to help you hone your dirt jumping skills?

Chris Smith

A Swiss army knife of mountain biking, from technical dirt jumping to massive drops to street riding, professional freerider Chris has it all covered and is one of the most versatile riders out there.

He says: “I was lucky enough to ride the airbag a while ago and it’s definitely the most safe and easy way to learn some new tricks or even get those first few feet of air under your wheels. I’m looking forward to teaching people some cool tricks too!”

Garry Penman

An ex-BMX rider, Garry has every trick in the book dialled in, and his recent switch to mountain biking hasn’t slowed him down at all. Expect big things from Garry on the airbag.

“This year’s BikeRadar Live sounds ace,” he says. “Chill out in the sun, watch the dirt jump guys doing their thing, then come up to the airbag and try to copy the pros, all in the safety of a massive airbag. I can’t wait!”


Check out MBUK’s airbag action below: