Ride the Dragon with OWMTBC

The second Old World Mountain Bike Championships

Old World Mountain Bike Challenge 2009

After the first Old World Mountain Bike Championships, held last year in Holland, the organisers knew they had created one of those cult events that everyone wished they had been at. But fear not if you missed it, because they’re back, and this time they’re in North Wales for the Second OWMTBC over the weekend 3-5 September 2010.


Event co-ordinator Neil Ruddock says of the event: “As enthusiastic restorers and riders of classic MTB‘s we recognised that, despite the growth of interest in some historic and important bicycling brands, there were no activities or races specifically for fans of those exciting early days of mountain biking. We decided to organise a weekend of riding activities in the style of the iconic Californian Fat Tire festivals and early UK races.”

Designed to crown an Old World Mountain Bike Champion, all OWMTBC competitors are obliged to use mountain bikes built before 1996, with extra championship points gained for original features including cantilever brakes, skinwall tyres, race clothing and an old school attitude. As part of a three-year annual event programme, OWMTBC will end up in its spiritual home when it visits Fairfax, California in 2011.

This year OWMTBC 2010 presents a Concours’n’Chips racebike show, an Alpinestars and MS Racing display with guest of honour Tim Davies, a snorter of a hillclimb and a challenging cross country course over some classic North Wales terrain.


With strong interest from across the globe, and support from the likes of event ambassadors Charlie Kelly and Gary Fisher, the event is set to be essential for those with a bad case of nostalgia. Check www.owmtbc.org for entry forms and more details.