Ridersmate safety device to launch soon

World’s first dedicated GPS safety and tracking device for cyclists

Ridersmate is a new GPS device that records location, speed, altitude and heading data that automatically sends emergency texts in the event of an accident.


The small device is designed to be attached to your bike at one end and your clothing at the other. If the detachable jack plug at the end of the tether comes apart from the body of the main unit, up to three contacts are automatically sent emergency texts (two texts, one minute apart).

These messages include a request for assistance, heading, altitude, the speed at which the detachment occurred, time of accident and a Google maps link to the location.

Plugging the jack back in will send a second message cancelling the response. There’s also an emergency SOS button for manual activation and a non-emergency message, for use in the case of irreparable mechanicals for instance.

The ridersmate simply clips on to clothing and your bike or saddle bag:

Ridersmate is designed to maximise chances of recovery in serious accidents by automating emergency messages to speed the arrival of aid

The unit is designed for both road and mountain biking, but with spills being commonplace on the trails, it remains to be seen how practical it actually is for off-road use.

There’s no need to plug the device into the computer for setup – the configuration is completed with a few simple text messages. Ridersmate also lets you record, save and share your rides while the electronics are housed in an anti-crush cell.

Battery life is eight-plus hours, making it suitable for most rides. It will be available to buy direct with worldwide shipping from 9 February for £249 (US$ and AU$ TBC).


Find out more and register your interest at the Ridersmate website. You can also check out the Ridersmate Kickstater campaign here.