Riding the world’s longest production mountain bike

We test Pole's insanely long and slack Evolink 29er

It’s been a few months now since we introduced Finnish firm Pole’s Evolink 140 to you as the longest bike you’ve never heard of

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Here we have a 140/150mm 29er trail bike with what we believe to be the longest wheelbase of any production mountain bike currently available, at 51.7in (1312mm). 

Partly responsible for that huge wheelbase figure is the Pole’s super-slack 64.5 degree head angle. That and its 29in wheels and high offset fork add up to a bike that quite literally pushes things further than any before it.

We left the bike in the capable hands of BikeRadar tester Seb Stott, who’s put the Pole through its paces over the last few months and, in typical Seb style, has concluded his findings in the video above. 

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Tune in to hear Seb talk everything from the Pole’s terrain quashing suspension system to the effects of that extreme geometry and why, amongst riding style changes, Seb eventually turned to putting a longer stem on this bike.

Pole evolink 140 – insanely long & slack 29er