Ritchey recalls WCS 1-bolt carbon seatpost

Not all Ritchey 1-bolt seatposts are affected

Ritchey WCS carbon 1-bolt seatpost.

Ritchey Design announced a voluntary recall of its new WCS Carbon 1Bolt seatpost.


According to Ritchey, an unauthorized “deviation” in manufacturing procedures at its Asian factory has produced substandard test results. That deviation has apparently since been corrected but a small number of subpar posts have made it into the marketplace. 

All single-bolt alloy WCS posts, ‘Stubby’ heads included with certain Scott Addict models, and all two-bolt seatposts are not affected.

All affected consumers, regardless of locale, are asked to first contact Ritchey’s warranty department for a return authorization number at either +1-650-368-4018, extension 1855 or contact_us@ritcheylogic.com.


Here’s Ritchey’s complete explanation of the recall.