Ritchey recalls WCS and Pro Cranks

2005 and earlier models could be dangerous

There are two methods two identify the suspect crank arms

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Ritchey Design has recalled certain models of its WCS and PRO level non-drive side crank arms.

In a statement, the company said that the left arms could break unexpectedly, but said that there was no problem with the right arms, due to the strengthening effect of the spider. “We have received zero reports of drive side arm breakages,” said the company.

Only certain models of the cranks are affected. To tell whether you have one of these, check the date code that’s stamped on the back of the left arm.  The code consists of a single digit (the alloy material) followed by four digits, which represent the date in year/month format, eg 0301 refers to January 2003, 0405 refers to May 2004.

All WCS cranks with a forging code prior to 0501 and all PRO cranks with a forging code prior to 0508 should be replaced.

Alternatively to determine whether you need a replacement, you can measure the lowest point in the cavity of the left arm. If it’s less than 7mm for WCS, 9mm for PRO, it should be replaced.


In the U.S and North America:

All returns must have an RA# assigned to them by Ritchey, which you’ll need to call (650-517-1878) or email (contact_us@ritcheylogic.com, subject ‘crank arm recall’) for.

Send the cranks to the following address:

Ritchey Design
575 Old County Road
San Carlos, CA 94070


Send the cranks to the following address:

Ritchey International Sagl
Attn: Silvio Ostinelli
Via Cantonale, 2
6916 Grancia
Tel: +41 91 9605220


Send the cranks to the following address:

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Ritchey Design, Inc. –Taiwan Branch
Attn: Maris Adamovics
22F-1, #123 Chungang Rd. Sec 3
Taichung 407, Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-3703-2766