Road Bike Party 2: the documentary

The story behind Martyn Ashton’s sensational YouTube video

A documentary charting the blood, sweat and tears that went into making of the sensational stunt video, Road Bike Party 2, has been released.


The 28-minute online documentary charts the story of trials rider Martyn Ashton, who broke his back during a stunt performance in September last year, just as the filming for Road Bike Party 2 was nearing completion.

Watch the video here:

Road bike party 2: the documentary

Video: Road Bike Party 2 – the documentary

After the life-changing accident, Ashton entered the editing suite and put together the YouTube video, Road Bike Party 2, which has now notched up almost 10m views.   

The documentary features in-depth interviews with Ashton and the riders who helped him finish the video, including Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. There’s also unseen footage and outtakes too.

Ashton says he has been overwhelmed with the support he received after the accident at Silverstone.

He said: “The journey through making this video was full of incredible highs and desperate lows. Somehow we made it happen and the end result is something we can all be proud of. I think this look behind the scenes shows just how much hard work and energy went into getting it done.

“It also shows how much fun we had, the laughs and crashes too. It’s crazy but it was the best of times during the most desperate of circumstances.”


While Ashton found fame for doing incredible things on a road bike, he’s now working as a presenter and has started riding hand cycles.