RockShox 2018: New Pike, Revelation and Lyrik forks

Plus updates to Yari and RS-1 forks

RockShox has now revealed its 2018 product line and there’s a whole lot of news when it comes to front suspension. Stealing the show is an all-new Pike – for the full story on that, plus initial ride impressions, check out our detailed first ride review. Elsewhere there are updates to many of the firm’s most popular models, with revisions that range from minor updates to ground-up redesigns.


2018 RockShox Revelation

2018 RockShox Revelation RC
                                      Like the Yari is to Lyrik, the Revelation is to Pike. The new Revelation gets the new Pike chassis but uses a Motion Control damper. It gets the same tyre clearance and DebonAir spring as the Pike and is set to replace the Yari platform up to the 150mm travel mark.

The Revelation RC will have 120-150mm of travel, is Boost-only and will work with 27.5in or 29in wheels.

  • The Revelation costs £610-£680 / $650-$720.

2018 RockShox Lyrik

2018 RockShox Lyrik RCT

This big hitter gets a new Boost-only chassis so loads of tyre clearance (up to a 2.8in with the 27.5in fork), new DebonAir spring (albeit tuned differently to Pike) and Charger 2 damper. It’ll also be offered with a remote option (RCT Remote and RC Remote) and both the 27.5in and 29in options have a maximum travel of 180mm travel.

  • The Lyrik RCT3 and RCT Remote is priced at £970-£1,100 / $1030-$1,180.
The Charger 2 damper offers a wider range of low speed compression adjustment, has a more usable ‘pedal’ mode and will work with a remote
Mick Kirkman / SRAM
RockShox was keen to improve upon the Charger damper, and spent two years to produce the Charger 2 damper seen in the new Lyrik, Pike and RockShox RS-1.

“It’s the same basic concept as the Charger you know today, but we’re doing things a little bit differently,” says Jon Cancellier, RockShox product manager. ”The main goal behind the damper was knowing that I wanted to have remote options.”

2018 RockShox Yari

2018 RockShox Yari RC

No major changes have been made to the Yari, aside from the new Boost-only chassis and new DebonAir spring.

  • The Yari RC costs £660-£735 / $700-$780.

2018 RockShox RS-1

2018 RockShox RS-1 RL

The inverted fork gets the new Charger 2 damper, complete with a total locked-out mode for the best possible efficiency, as well as a new 130mm travel trail option.

  • The RS-1 RLC costs £1,580/$1,680.
  • The RS-1 RL is priced at £1,650/$1,750.