RockShox debuts next-generation Boxxer

Lighter, stiffer and more adjustable than ever before

RockShox has revamped its venerable Boxxer platform to be lighter, stiffer and more adjustable than any previous iteration.  The biggest structural change comes with the new 35mm upper tubes, upsized from the previous 32mm pipes.  While making for a more rigid chassis, they also allow for a pared-down steerer tube and lighter trussed crowns. 


More weight savings comes from a new Maxle Lite DH that shaves another 28g and aluminum internal shafts for the spring and damper.  The top-end Boxxer World Cup now reportedly weighs just 2760g (6.0lb) while the Team and Race versions both hit the scales at a still-impressive 2950g (6.5lb). 

Inside, RockShox fits the new Boxxer World Cup and Team with upgraded Mission Control DH dampers that offer adjustable low- and high-speed compression damping in addition to beginning and ending stroke rebound; the entry-level Boxxer Race will carry on with Motion Control IS. 

The top two forks are also equipped with new bottom-out adjustments in the form of an adjustable air volume (thus altering spring rate) on the Solo Air-equipped World Cup and a new Drop Stop setup for the coil-sprung Team.  The Drop Stop system inserts an MCU within the coil to smoothly ramp up the spring rate as the fork approaches full travel (this is similar to what Cannondale used to run in early generation Headshok forks for those of you who can remember back that far).  A top-mounted adjuster will let riders set when the MCU kicks in.  Race models make do with a basic coil.


All new Boxxers will be compatible with direct-mount stems (including the forthcoming Holzfeller from Truvativ) and will be available in early 2009.