RockShox Full Sprint hydraulic lockout – Sea Otter 2013

New dampers for SID, Reba and Revelation forks also in development

RockShox had a new remote lockout on display at the Sea Otter Classic. It uses a single remote, very similar to the current XLoc lever, to simultaneously lock out the front and rear suspension.


This isn’t a giant leap forward in technology for RockShox; the XLoc remote is already in use on XX-level SID and Revelation forks, and on the Monarch XX rear shock. The addition of a second hose allows the rider to control both ends of the bike with one lever.

The Full Sprint lever has two ports, one for each hose. The hose that connects to the fork’s damper uses a Floodgate dial to fine tune to compression damping, allowing it be set to a firm setting or to a full lockout. The hose that connects to the rear shock uses the new RockShox Conectamajig hose coupler to aid in the installation process.

Like the current XLoc and Reverb remotes, the Full Sprint uses 3.5wt RockShox fork oil for hydraulic fluid.

The new xloc full sprint uses on lever to lockout the front and rear suspension: the new xloc full sprint uses on lever to lockout the front and rear suspension
Josh Patterson
The XLoc Full Sprint is is MatchMaker X compatible

The Full Sprint system will be available for RockShox SID and Revelation XX and World Cup models and will work with Monarch XX and RL rear shocks.

New dampers, colors for SID, Reba and Revelation forks

We got our first look at RockShox new Charger damper few weeks ago in the new Pike fork. The same cartridge damper technology has found its way into 2014 SID, Reba and Revelation forks, as has the RCT3 system. RCT3 offers rebound adjust and three levels of compression damping: an open mode, an adjustable-platform mode, and a locked-out mode.

These three shorter-travel models also get independent high- and slow-speed compression damping circuits, which RockShox claims will allow the forks to ride higher in their travel and dive less under hard braking.

The 2014 sid gets black anodized stanchions and sag gradients: the 2014 sid gets black anodized stanchions and sag gradients
Josh Patterson
The 2014 RockShox forks get black stanchions with sag gradients

Finally, RockShox 2014 forks will feature updated, low friction seals and black anodized stanchions. According to RockShox, the switch from clear to black anodizing was more for aesthetics than performance.


These features will be available on 2014 model year RockShox in the coming months.